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Poplar Bluff, Missouri Author Event
The Gateway to The Ozarks

The Poplar Bluff Library and The Poplar Bluff Museum hosted a successful Author Event and Reception, Saturday May 11, 2024 for Barbara Jenkins author of her bestselling book, “So Long As It’s Wild”.  She paid tribute to her Ozark's hillbilly roots and Poplar Bluff where she spent her formative years. The event was so well attended, the author signed 100 books. Special thanks to the following people for making it a landmark day:  Joyanne Bates, Community Leader and classmate of Barbara's, Teresa Lee, Journalist for The Poplar Bluff Living Magazine and writer of the May 2024 magazine cover story about Barbara Jenkins, Shannon Midyett, Director of The Poplar Bluff Library and host of the book signing event, Kati Wylie Ray, Director of The Poplar Bluff Museum and host of the author reception, and Samantha Tucker, Journalist for The Daily American Republic Newspaper and front page story about the author.

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